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April 11, 2019 Futon Bed

What is the Japanese Futon Bed?

The traditional Japanese futon bed differs in a number of ways from a “Western” futon. A Japanese futon is designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to keep away during the day. Unlike the western futon, which does not come with a frame that makes it a sofa; rather; It is simply a light mattress to which the bedding is applied.

Japanese Zen Platform Bed

Japanese Zen Platform Bed

The mattress component of a Japanese futon is called shikibuton. The mattress has an exterior of the fabric and is usually filled with ball cotton or wool. The shikibuton is designed to be placed on a tatami mat, which is a traditional form of Japanese soil, made of rice straw and straw tissue fever. Shikibutons are between 4 and 9 inches thick. The thinner ones are lighter and easier to transport, but the thicker tend to provide more comfort.

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The bedding forms the other part of the futon, and was removed with the shikibuton. The main part of the bedding is called kakebuton, and it is a thick quilt. This is sometimes replaced by a mofu, which is a thinner blanket, in warmer months. There is also a traditional pillow for the Japanese futon, called makura. The makura is full of buckwheat straw or beans. Some modern makuras are full of plastic balls. The futon is a traditional Japanese bed, but times have changed and most residents of Japan sleep in a bed with a modern frame and a mattress. However, the futon is still useful in contemporary society.

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